Some FAQ

These might be your questions

This is a general question that comes in your mind before starting any business, will I be successful or not? So let's be real and talk about some questions which can come in your mind before purchasing this license.
  • I don't know how to work? will I get proper training to understand your software & Services?
    Yes, we have a total 12 training sessions which you will get through Any desk, live training sessions, offline videos and training expert contact number for further discussion. 
  • I can't work upon GST, TAX & Accounts services; in that case my dependency will be upon the company?
    We are doing this business together, this is commission based business, it means we both have dependency to each other. You can't grow without our support and we can't grow without your support so both are equally liable and the target is the same for both of us, Company will be accountable for all GST & Tax related work on time.
  • How will I get clients for my business because without clients I can't run my business for long?

    Don't worry you will get sufficient clients for your business and time being this will increase, there are four ways to get clients initially.

    Offline advertising- We are giving you promotion material, you need to distribute in your location and try to make sure everyone knows that you worked for such services so what will happen, you will get clients from your location as per requirements.

    google listing - We will train you, how you can register your business on google so people can contact you through google, they will write service names and your business name with contact details will show them. Apart from google we will list your business on another 10 local popular websites for more traffic.

    Company support- We do not outsource and do not work publicly, if clients contact us from your location for any service, we will redirect to you or will provide clients details to you also.

    Google advertisement- you can do google advertisement after taking a successful training, in case of any difficulty comes we will help you out or Our Expert will do it first time for you then you can manage your campaign. 

    So hope you understand with proper knowledge & planning you can do this very easily.

  • There are so many frauds happening online, how do I trust while making online payments?
    I agree with you some of people ruining this business but we can't stop working due to some cheating folks, in that case check company CIN & TIN Number and any other details for your satisfaction and visit on company website and read all the details carefully then make the online payment or you can choose bank account option.
  • Where is your Head office?

    Our Head-Office Located at C-123 Noida Sector 2 Uttar Pradesh 201301.

    Nearest Metro Station – Noida Sector 15

  • Your License price is High? Some companies offering in lower price.
    We are putting our policy & charges very transparent in front of you because every business stand on trust & faith, nothing you will get free of cost in India but some of companies initially taking lower price but they will ask separately charges once you will start your work with them, method can be different. We are taking 21500 + GST, this is one-time investment for 25 year’s and whole amount you are getting back in form of Coupons & Membership.
  • What you have extra for us?
    Our focused to make your business successful and make you Financially stronger for this company leaving his commission for two months it means whatever business you will do upon GST & Tax services up to 1000-/ Rs, Company will do free of cost and whole commission will be yours so you can imagine company moto.
  • Will I need to pay more money for upcoming services?
    No, this is one-time cost, you no need to pay any amount further for upcoming services.
  • How much total cost are involved in this business?
    Initially you have to pay 21500 + 18% GST = 25370 -/ Rs. to purchase this license for 25 years, in which we are providing 150 coupons of worth 15,000 Rs for 2 years and free membership for worth 5,000 Rs. So whole amount is redeemable that means your license cost become 0.
  • What is validity of your coupons & How I can use?
    You will get 150 coupons for 2 years’ validity or you can use these coupons in GST & Tax related services for example – You are paying 500 Rs for GST Registration in that case 50 % will be your commission so net payable amount is 250 Rs, now you will use one coupons and amount becomes only 150 Rs for GST Registration which you will pay.
  • Can I visit your office for offline training or meet personally?
    We do not recommend any visit because of Covid-19 but if you are comfortable to come then you can visit and take clarifications.
  • How your membership will work for us?
    Everyone wants to work and want to earn money, most of companies offer business to those who can invest something but if you are not in condition to invest money or you need money and having spirit to work, you can join us and after becoming our member you can start working with us, to know in details please call our GST Expert.
  • Whatever your GST Expert explained me, will you give me in writing?
    Whatever services we are offering you with benefits, we will do agreement with you and whatever amount you are paying for this business we will do proper invoice and confirmation by mail or receipt with company stamp.
  • What will happen if I did not use your coupons?
    You will easily use of your coupons in three months but in some of conditions if you are not able to use then 50% amount will refunded to you after expiry of coupons.
  • I am 200 Kms far from your location, will I get proper support?
    Our whole business starts from your and will end on you so don’t think you will not get support. We will do full support, we have support team to help you on CRM Portal, backend team to work upon GST & Tax Services and relation ship manager for guiding you at every step.
  • How will I get new updates related business or company?
    You can check “What’s New” option given in your CRM.
  • How my business can be successful?
    We are providing lots of services to you, you need to find out most usable services in your location first and do not try to work on all services at very first time, just find out potential services as per your location and do proper training & marketing and slowly -2 start working on all services & take advice from our expert at every point.
  • How I will get Demo of your services & Product?
    We conduct free demo at once in a day, you can join and you can also contact from our GST Expert to give Demo as per your time schedule.